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Sonata Pie by ShadamyFan4everS Sonata Pie :iconshadamyfan4evers:ShadamyFan4everS 216 40 X/Y Pikachu Cursor by mid0456 X/Y Pikachu Cursor :iconmid0456:mid0456 685 87 X/Y Flareon Cursor by mid0456 X/Y Flareon Cursor :iconmid0456:mid0456 272 3 Yipii - Base 36# by J-J-Bases Yipii - Base 36# :iconj-j-bases:J-J-Bases 332 34 Little Not So Amused Fluttershy Figure by MikeTheUser Little Not So Amused Fluttershy Figure :iconmiketheuser:MikeTheUser 159 7 Little Some-What Happy Apple Jack Figure by MikeTheUser Little Some-What Happy Apple Jack Figure :iconmiketheuser:MikeTheUser 136 5 Little Amused Shining Armour Figure by MikeTheUser Little Amused Shining Armour Figure :iconmiketheuser:MikeTheUser 178 10 The Great and Little Trixie Figure by MikeTheUser The Great and Little Trixie Figure :iconmiketheuser:MikeTheUser 174 10 Little Rarity Figure by MikeTheUser Little Rarity Figure :iconmiketheuser:MikeTheUser 198 8 Little Rainbow Dash Figure by MikeTheUser Little Rainbow Dash Figure :iconmiketheuser:MikeTheUser 237 7 Little Happy Pinkie Pie Figure by MikeTheUser Little Happy Pinkie Pie Figure :iconmiketheuser:MikeTheUser 286 15 Little Sad Twilight Figure. by MikeTheUser Little Sad Twilight Figure. :iconmiketheuser:MikeTheUser 239 17 Princess-Peachie Chibi Re-Do by Princess-Peachie Princess-Peachie Chibi Re-Do :iconprincess-peachie:Princess-Peachie 333 79 Ash's Hats by litecrush Ash's Hats :iconlitecrush:litecrush 146 36 Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool Heart Love :iconweapons-expert-cool:Weapons-Expert-Cool 2,198 449 furrydreamclapplz by furriKira furrydreamclapplz :iconfurrikira:furriKira 135 22


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Squishy Lyra Icon Squishy Rarity Icon Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Blitz Clapping Pony Icon - Complete Mane Six Clap :bademoticon: :bademoticon: COM: Alicorn Pinkie Pie clapping icon Chibi Princess Cadence Icon Twilight Shocked Emote Chibi Mr Carrot Cake Icon Sweetie Belle triste Sweetie Belle triste MLP Emote Shining Armor Crying RQ: Ember Ashes clapping icon Chibi Scootaloo Icon Laura La Pony Ponymote: Trotting Pitch :bademoticon: FREE Rainbow Dash icon Squishy Rarity Icon Chibi Pumpkin Cake Icon Gift: Pink Flame clapping icon Gift: Pink Flame clapping icon ... With sex. ... With sex. FREE Rainbow Dash icon FREE Rainbow Dash icon FREE Rainbow Dash icon FREE Rainbow Dash icon MLP Emote Shining Armor Crying Laura La Pony RQ: Nikki Nerdette clapping icon MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Fire Furious Mad MLP Emote Dat Ass / Dat Flank Burning Heart Brony Domina Lick Icon (Request) Babs Seed Emote Lyra Babs Seed Emote MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Crazy Insane Loony MLP Emote Fluttershy Bedroom Eyes Sexy MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Bedroom Eyes Sexy COM: Courageous Heart clapping icon MLP Emote Bigmac Big Macintosh Shocked Starshine Blink Icon Medley - Smiley IV - happy looking cadence flower icon Starlight Glimmer Icon COM: Courageous Heart clapping icon Rarity Licky lick Gift-icon Celestia happy Fluttershy frightend Squishy Daring Do Icon Fluttershy frightend Fluttershy frightend :bademoticon: Christmas hat (Request) Applejack cute smile sprite Evil Wysteria icon tribepinkiedance Rainbow Blink Icon COM: Sugar Butter clapping icon Merry Christmas Applejack-1982 - Applejack G1 La Snails Emote Wave 


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